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As the Year of the Goat progresses, specific chances have been providing themselves, while other previous plans have been completely derailed. one of the excellent joys of working on the road, as well as working for ourselves, is that we have the flexibility to be able to be spontaneous as well as completely choose the flow when things such as this happen.

Unfortunately, we’re not going on a press trip to Grenada anymore, one of our perfectly organized home sits in the Caribbean fell through, as well as we didn’t end up home sitting in Guatemala like we thought…but all of that doesn’t matter!

This year has been excellent so far with amazing experiences backpacking around Mexico, two months of living on the spectacular Lake Atitlan in Guatemala as well as our spontaneous decision to decrease whatever as well as go to Cuba for 3.5 weeks.

You’re most likely wondering what us Goats will be as much as after Cuba. Our plans include us costs practically 6 months home sitting/pet sitting as well as living in tropical paradises for free!

From Cuba, we’ll be flying to Costa Rica, right here are the details…

Costa Rica (May 17th to June 3rd)

While we were enjoying a especially lazy day on Lake Atitlan, we got an email from our good friend as well as blogging colleague, Casey. She was searching for somebody to take care of their house as well as cherished puppy, Jack, in Costa Rica while they went away for two weeks. The funny (perfect) thing was that we were taking a look at flights from central America to Grenada as well as discovered that the most affordable ones were out of Costa Rica.

The house is set in the relaxed jungle, with hiking tracks as well as a river nearby. just a 15 minute drive as well as we’ll show up at the beach in Dominical. They have a motorbike (yay!) that we can use, solid Web as well as Jack looks adorable.

So, from may 17th to June 3rd, we’ll be living in Costa Rica, seeing our good friends once again as well as satisfying Jack for the very first time, we can’t wait!

Casey with lovable Jack as well as their house – look at that rich jungle!
Grenada (June 3rd – July 28th)

Although we were deflated as well as dissatisfied about the press trip as well as one of the Grenada home sits not working out, something even much better provided itself.

We saw on trusted home Sitters that there was a home sit offered in Grenada from June 3rd (the day we are leaving Costa Rica) to July 28th (the day we are expected to be taking care of spare Dog). We had a Skype phone phone call to meet the owner as well as after our chat, she chose to hire us to take care of her two dogs, Pumpkin as well as Macy. The dates line up so perfectly, it’s practically amazing ?

The house is found on a point in a lovely area that we understand rather well from our previous time spent on the island. The owner seems very nice, the dogs look cute, there’s an outside pool, a gardener, somebody to preserve the pool, a car offered for our utilize as well as the house is a great size. We’re extremely much looking ahead to this sit.

There are so numerous fun things to perform in Grenada, we can’t wait to return to check out more! 

We can’t wait to satisfy Pumpkin as well as Macy!
Grenada #2 (July 28th – November ?)

After our pet-sitting responsibilities with Macy as well as Pumpkin are completed, we’ll be making our method to Petit Bacaye to take care of “our” cherished spare Dog! keep in mind that character that we looked after for practically 7 months last year? exactly how might you forget!

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We’ll be staying in our seafront cottage once again on the spectacular garden residential property as well as will have a car for our use. We’re looking ahead to going on hikes with spare as well as catching up with the owners/our friends, Peter as well as Julia.

We can’t wait to see spare canine again!
Everything works out

We’ve had a great deal of ups as well as downs so far this year, as well as we’re only 3.5 months into 2015! Although we felt let-down by the press trip as well as the home sitting tasks falling through, as soon as whatever sorted itself out for Grenada, our spirits were promptly lifted.

These three different house/pet sits that we have organized in tropical paradises noise ideal as well as we’re truly thrilled to see what Costa Rica as well as Grenada have in store for us ?

Want to online in paradise as well as take care of some lovable pets? join trusted home Sitters like we did…we extremely suggest it.

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